Recommended Property Management Resources

 The resources in the section are all tools and systems that are either utilized by us personally, or by colleagues or clients of Rents2Riches. These are not blind recommendations and come from experiences based on success in relation to other competitive products. Each resource will have a complete explanation of the benefits of utilizing.

Online Prop Mgt Lead Generation Portal

Top Property Management is the best online lead generation website that exists. is currently aligning themselves with 3 Property Management Companies from each zipcode to hold the “Featured Property Manager” spot.  Once these 3 spots are filled from each zipcode, they will not be open until a Property Manager opts out.  Each Property Manager that secures a Featured position will be getting the bulk of leads from this site for that given property type and zipcode.

The website is branding themselves by “pre-screening” Property Management Companies and only allowing those that meet certain criteria through.  This will come across very powerful because this is an independent evaluation by a 3rd party and those who meet the requirement will be approved as a Featured Manager.

As a Property Management Company, it costs nothing to sign up and there is no charges to your account until you are delivered qualified leads.

Available very soon: 

Property Management Insurance

We personally utilize American Family Insurance for our property management company.  We currently pay approximately $300 per year for our policy.  It is a policy specifically for property management companies.

Tenant Screening

We currently utilize Tenant Data for running our prospective Tenants credit, background and criminal reports.  Their reports are $18 each and have been very effective for us. This will be built into our software as we build it.

Expert Interviews

This month: Rege Beattie with Pittsburg Property Management

Quick Stats: Rege's Company manages over 150 properties and is growing at a rate of ~10 new properties per month

Tool of the Month

Here you will find the latest tool reviewed to help either get you more customers or better manage your business.

Articles of the Month

This is the article of the month, documenting something noteworthy in the Property Management Industry.

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