This months tool is called HomeCellers.

This is an awesome tool.  With this tool, you can adda single line to your flyer: “Text 1721 RedWood (address) to 65656″ for complete rental details and a walk through tour video”.  What a great time saver.  Think about how much time you spend explaining everything about the property.  How many people can get a great idea of exactly what is in the home with your video tour and get a great “feel” for the home.  This accelerates the sales process very quickly.

Now, here is the cool thing, this also captures their cell phone number.  This may not seem like a huge benefit, however there are a lot of us that are becoming “Tenants Agents” and actually finding homes for people to get the lease up fee.  So when we capture their information we can then contact them later to follow up and/or bring them in to become their Tenant Agent.

For only $40/month, the cost is virtually nothing compared to what you are getting.  Also, if you are a Realtor/Broker, which I know most of you are, then you will be able to use the same tool for your sales side as well.


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This month: Rege Beattie with Pittsburg Property Management

Quick Stats: Rege's Company manages over 150 properties and is growing at a rate of ~10 new properties per month

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